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Popularly known as El Perich, he was a writer, cartoonist and comedian. He also translated French series such as Asterix the Gaul, Lieutenant Blueberry and Achilles Heel, among others. His jokes were as funny as they were serious, because of their conciseness, comic mechanism and the seriousness of the issues addressed. He created numerous short phrases and aphorisms that are still considered current today. We leave you with a small compilation:

“The family is the only institution that allows people who have nothing in common to live together.“

“Marriage is the only known case in physics where two bodies can stay together without attracting each other.“

“The paratroopers are the only military people who get promoted through descents.“

“A child stops being a baby when he starts asking his parents where he comes from. And he stops being a child when he doesn't want to tell them where he's going.“

“One of the drawbacks of being poor is that they force you to be honest.“

“Not only is it easier for a poor man to enter heaven, but he is much more likely to do so sooner.“

“You can expect the worst from the Germans from the moment they say "tanke" to say thank you.“

“Nationalism is the belief that man is descended from different monkeys.“

“When stonecutters are sentenced to hard labour, they are forced to write poetry.“

“My friends tell me I'm too aggressive, but they scream at me.“

“The camel is the animal that can go the longest without drinking. The proof is that I've never seen a camel drink. In fact, I've never even seen a camel.“

"Geography is the science that allows us to know exactly how many kilometers of homeland we should love. Not one more, not one less.“

“The dog is man's best friend... who feeds him.“

“Money does bring happiness, but not having to earn it.“

“To solve the problem of eyestrain, it is enough to look at a bed for ten minutes or a chair for twenty minutes.“


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