Program Activities 2020

Jaume Perich (1941-1995) Humor with eyes of cat. Exposure to the Born CCM.
From 5 March to 16 August 2020

The Exhibition:

Jaume Perich (1941-1995) Humor amb ulls de gat
2020 is the 25th anniversary of the death of Jaume Perich. Perich is the most outstanding Catalan satirist of the last third of the 20th century for his lucid, biting and incisive gaze. The Historical Archive of the City of Barcelona preserves his legacy with more than 10,000 documents.
The exhibition curated by Jaume Capdevila, Kap, allows us to enter into Perich's drawings, which welcome the visitor into a world of schematic and black and white lines. Perich also knew how to make fun of himself, as several humorous biographical notes he left behind testify. A large mural allows us to contextualize Perich and his work in the chronological frame that goes from the end of the civil war to the end of the 20th century. The thickness of the exhibition is made up of a large
A selection of original drawings by Perich that reveal his penetrating view of the world around him. We will also discover a space dedicated to the Catalan satirical tradition, with original drawings by the main press cartoonists who preceded Perich, from Apel.les Maestras and Opisso, to Cesc or Muntañola. Lesser known facets of Perich are also revealed, and for the first time the public is shown sketches, scripts or working material that form part of the creative process with which he is going to confide his work.this exhibition at the Borne CCM vindicates Perich and the transforming power of humour.


At the Born CCM

Wednesday 4th March
Press conference: 11 am, print media 10:30 am
Opening: 19h

• Address the Born CCM
• Addrees Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat
• Exhibition curator


Series of debates:
Humor con ojos de mujer
Thursday 7 May, 7 p.m., Moragues Hall.
The field of humour has until recently been a very male domain. We listened to the experiences of several women who are part of it.
• Natza Farré, journalist
• Marika Vila, cartoonist
• Isabel Franc, writer
• Raquel GU, cartoonist
Moderated and presented by: Jaume Capdevila.

My Perich
Thursday 14 May, 7 p.m., Moragues Hall
A personal approach to the figure of Perich from several people from very different backgrounds.
• Toni Batllori, cartoonist
• Josep Maria Mainat, member of La Trinca
• Antonio Martín, publisher and comic book specialist
• Rosa Regàs, writer
Moderated and presented by: Mònica Terribas

Humor on the edge and limits of humor
Thursday 21 May, 7 p.m., Moragues Hall
The task of the cartoonist, in this country, is not without risk. From censorship, fines and trials, to assaults and attacks. Several cartoonists from different generations talk about their profession, and the price of exercising their trade to the limit.
• Ja (Jordi Amorós), cartoonist
• Fer (Josep Antoni Fernández), cartoonist
• José Luís Martín, cartoonist
• Maribel Carod, cartoonist
• Chloé Verlhac, widow of one of Charlie Hebdo's cartoonists
Moderate and present:: Lídia Heredia

Gat Perich International Humor Award

Gat Perich 2020. April 4th.
Celebration of the XXI edition of the Gato Perich Awards. This award was given in memory of Perich since 1996 to recognize professionals in the field of humor and have already won cartoonists such as Forges, Quino, Cesc, Marjane Satrapi, Wolinski, El Roto, Muntañola, Plantu, Gila, Ferreres, Batllori, Fer, Kim, Romeu, Kap, or Flavita Banana and humorists from various fields such as Pepe Rubianes, El Triciclo, El Grande Wyoming, Andreu Buenafuente, or Judit Martín.


free humor
24th of maig/ 11-19h, workshops from 12-14h and from 17-19h
A festive day, in demand of humour and freedom of expression. Workshops for small and large families, activities for structured and unstructured families. Humour, living drawings, Clowns, music, food and drink... a paradise for laughing and feeling free.

Family workshops

Laugh at everything
Saturdays, April 4 and 18, June 6. Schedule??
Applying the Perich method, the critical and carefree look, parents and children can participate together in this workshop in which humor becomes the key that opens all doors.

in the historical archive of the city of Barcelona

Presentation of the book Un abric verd penicil·lina
Day 25 February at xxx.
Presentation of the unpublished book of memoirs of Perich that explains, with texts and drawings, his years in the Francoist school published by Angulo Editorial and the City Council of Barcelona.
With Raquel Perich, Miquel Àngel Pasqual, component of La Trinca, J. Rabbassa and Kap.

2020 02 25 presentacio arxiuBCN

Perich & Co!
Satire of before and now to the Historical Archive.
Day: 4 June at XXX.
We propose a unique evening at the Historical Archives of the City of Barcelona. A relaxed dialogue between some of the main specialists in cartoons, satirical press and graphic image, accompanied by a dynamic visit to the entrails of the Historical Archive of the City of Barcelona to discover the graphic treasures that are preserved and to see the folders with the original drawings of the Masters, Opisso, Junceda or Cesc. A unique occasion to discover some of the treasures of the history of our satirical press.
• Teresa Ferré (Professor of History of Journalism at the UB)
• Josep Maria Cadena (journalist and art critic)
• Julià Guillamón (writer)
• Santi Barjau (Doctor in Art History and Technician of the AHCB)
• Jaume Capdevila, 'Kap' (cartoonist)
Free activity. Limited capacity; registration at XX


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