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bufon el jueves

El Jueves

The first issue of El Jueves, appeared in the newsagents on May 27, 1977. It was born during the full democratic transition of Spain. The satirical magazine lead to the creation of characters, inspired by real life society, with regular strip cartoons that reflected a distorted and scathing vision of contemporary Spain.
In addition to comic strips, El Jueves has always offered humorous sections of articles and cartoons focusing on the most ardent up-to-date topics of current affairs.
It was the initial idea of publisher José Ilario, who proposed the magazine to a team formed by Tom, Romeu, J.L. Martín, Kim, Vives, Trallero, Ferreres, Ángel Sánchez de la Fuente and Josep Lluís Gómez Mompart. The idea was that the magazine should neither be as outrageous as El Papus nor as intellectual as Por Favor.
This lead to the title of the magazine, because it was in the middle, like Thursday (el Jueves) in the middle of the week.
A bomb sent by far right extremists to the editorial department of El Papus in the year 1977, along with the closing of Por Favor, resulted in a surge of the country’s main cartoonists collaborating with El Jueves, which as a result soon became the number one satirical magazine of democratic Spain.
So, Oscar Nebreda, Gin, Ventura and Nieto, Killian, Perich, Forges, Cesc, Oli, Ivá and Fer, soon joined. Over the course of more than four decades, the publication has been renewed with a new generation of cartoonists who reflect the country with irony. The most talented cartoonists of our country (and also of the rest of the world), have been published in the pages of El Jueves.
The magazine has been at the centre of several controversies and also accusations and charges. The first issue to receive a charge was issue nº7, with a controversial reference to Lefebvre and the Pope on the front cover, although the more notable was the charge for issue nº1,573 with the front cover apparently offensive to the future King of Spain, resulting in the two authors of the cover being ordered to pay 3,000 euros each by the judge.